Each Project is unique and the journey to achieving the end result is different. However, they invariably follow the same overriding structure

  1. Initial Contact
  2. Face to Face meeting where the Clients' Brief is established along with an initial review of the Project Site
  3. HONTO undertakes initial investigations to determine what Authority controls apply to the Project Site
  4. Fee Proposal prepared for Client consideration
  5. Upon Fee Proposal Acceptance, HONTO will assist in refining the Client Brief into a clear and concise document that accurately describes the Client's very specific spatial requirements. A detailed Site survey plan by a licensed Land Surveyor (engaged by client) will need to be undertaken. HONTO will assist with the calling of quotes and selection process.
  6. Concept Design - HONTO will use bubble diagrams, loose sketches, rough plans and sections to explore design ideas against the various parameters established by Client, Project Site and Authority Controls.
  7. Design Development / Townplanning - the Concept Design is further developed by HONTO into a more cohesive set of drawings. Consultant requirements from other disciplines are integrated into what will become a more resolved Project. If required, the relevant documents will be collated and submitted into Council for Townplanning Approval. HONTO will also utilise 3D Computer modeling to assist our Client in understanding the Design.
  8. Construction Documentation - HONTO will prepare detailed technical drawings, specifications and schedules. These documents will provide a Head Contractor the necessary information to build the Project. The completed Construction Documentation will also comply with the relevant Statutory requirements so that a Building Permit can be issued.  
  9. Contractor Selection - HONTO has access to a considerable list of highly competent and recognised Builders and will manage the Hard-money Tendering, or Negotiated Tender process for the Client. HONTO will thoroughly assess each submission and provide the Client with informed recommendations. HONTO will also undertake final negotiations on behalf of the Client.
  10. Contract Administration (Construction) - Once a Head Contractor is selected, HONTO will assist with preparing Contract Documents. During the Construction period, HONTO will monitor the progress of the Head Contractor and ensure they are following the Contract Documents as well as keeping the Clients informed. Assessment of Head Contractor's Claims for Payments, Claims for Variations and Claims for Time Extensions will also be undertaken by HONTO who will act as an Impartial Administrator of the Contract between Client and Head Contractor. Any queries from the Head Contractor will also be directed through HONTO. 
  11. Post Construction - Manage Head Contractor during the Defects Liability Period to ensure obligations are being met. At the completion of the Defects Liability Period, HONTO will assess and determine Final completion.

HONTO strongly encourages our Clients to retain our services throughout the entire process - from Concept Design through to Post Construction as it provides the Client with the peace of mind of having an experienced Professional working alongside them to ensure the original Client Brief is met in full and without compromise.

HONTO's Fee Proposals provide detailed descriptions of each of the requisite stages as well as a monetary figure to assist our Potential Clients to decide on what level of service they would require from us.